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Revenue cycle Automations

No matter where you are in your RCM journey, Adonis can automate an array of issues that impact the integrity of revenue cycle management. Let’s drive better revenue outcomes, lower the administrative burden on your billing organization, and allow you to focus on delivering the best possible clinical outcomes.

Automations that Drives Revenue and Reduce Headaches

Our suite of Revenue Cycle Automations offer the unique ability to address one or many areas of your RCM sore spots.

Patient Eligibility

Verifying patient eligibility is a critical step in ensuring accurate and timely revenue outcomes. Confirming a patient's eligibility prior to providing services, healthcare organizations can avoid costly claim denials and reduce the risk of non-payment. Adonis can Verify the patient's insurance coverage, identify any copayments or deductibles, and ensure that the services being provided are covered under the patient's plan can be automated.

Cost Estimates

Confidently comply with price transparency rules and ensure that patients are aware of the cost of services and so they can make informed decisions about their care. Improve patient satisfaction and trust, reduce the risk of non-payment, and drive financial success by automating this logistical and operational challenge.

Patient Card-on-file

Securely store patients' credit card information on file to streamline the billing and collections processes. Automatically charge copayments, deductibles, and outstanding balances without the need for manual billing and collections processes. Reduce administrative costs and ensure timely and accurate payment.

Prior Authorization

Reduce the risk of claim denials and ensure timely and accurate payment for services and procedures by automating prior authorizations. In real-time, obtain approval from insurance companies or other payers at scale before providing medical services or treatments.


Automate the creation of Super Bills that can outline the services and procedures provided to a patient during a visit, a patient's demographic and insurance information, as well as the codes and descriptions for the services and procedures provided.


Minimize the risk of underpayments and ensure accurate and timely payment for services rendered. Adonis can address the heavy lifting by monitoring submitted and remitted claims, flags the ones that have a high likelihood of underpayment, and handles appeals on your behalf.

Patient Statements

Ensure timely payments from patients by automating the creation of statements. Easily summarize the charges for healthcare services provided and the amount owed after insurance payments have been applied. Improve patient accounts receivable outcomes and ease the administrative burden.

The Heroes of their
Revenue Story

Tony Ambrozie, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital and Information Officer at Baptist Health South Florida
I think there are a lot of immense opportunities on the clinical operation side and the restrictive operation side where we can bring these things. It's probably a combination of AI and automation, often called Intelligent Automation, that will bring the change.
Tony Ambrozie, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital and Information Officer at Baptist Health South Florida
Amy Katnik, Chief Operating Officer
We need to be able to recognize and respond quickly and appropriately to the issues surrounding each mechanism of the denials by the insurers and the only way to accomplish this timely is in conjunction with a smart, automated platform. We are excited to work with Adonis who is tailoring a platform to our specialty specific needs.
Amy Katnik, Chief Operating Officer
Kyle Kane , Co-Founder at Corewood Care
Adonis Revenue Intelligence increased our top-line revenue by 6% by automating patient eligibility verification and collecting patient credit card on file. Our downstream claim denials were reduced by 27% through automated eligibility verification and our patient collection went up 33% by ensuring our patients had credit cards on file in a friction less experience for our patients.
Kyle Kane , Co-Founder at Corewood Care
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