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Dan Murdoch

May 16, 2023
Healthcare News
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Regulations for Price Transparency: Scaling Compliance with Adonis

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have been increasingly vigilant in enforcing hospital price transparency requirements, ensuring patients have easy access to pricing information for items and services. With recent fines levied against several hospitals for alleged price transparency violations, the pressure is on to comply with these mandates. Adonis offers a solution to mitigate CMS compliance issues, such as price transparency, by automating patient statements and super bills. In this blog, we will discuss the current landscape of CMS enforcement actions and how Adonis can help hospitals overcome these challenges, restoring trust among patients and ensuring adherence to price transparency regulations.

Harnessing Adonis for Price Transparency Compliance

Understanding and implementing price transparency in healthcare is a complex task, but Adonis simplifies the process with its cutting-edge technology. By partnering with Adonis, healthcare providers can effortlessly comply with the relevant regulations and build trust with their patients.

Good Faith Estimates and Patient Trust

A key aspect of price transparency is providing good faith estimates (GFEs) to patients. GFEs are documents that offer an approximation of the out-of-pocket costs a patient can expect for a specific medical procedure or service. By supplying GFEs, healthcare providers promote transparency, enabling patients to make informed decisions about their care and manage the financial aspects more effectively.

Adonis' technology supports the generation and sharing of personalized and accurate clinical care cost estimates. The Adonis API pulls data from various sources, including negotiated contracts, regional averages, eligibility data, plan benefits, deductibles, and more. This comprehensive approach ensures that patients receive the most accurate and relevant information, fostering trust and confidence in the healthcare provider.

Price Transparency API and Streamlined Workflows

In addition to providing accurate cost data, Adonis' Price Transparency API allows healthcare providers to create automated workflows for quoting clinical services and designing patient-first functionality or patient self-serve applications. This level of automation streamlines the entire process and ensures seamless compliance with price transparency regulations.

Out-of-the-Box Solutions for Price Transparency Adoption

For healthcare providers with limited engineering resources or those seeking ready-to-use solutions, Adonis offers a suite of price transparency applications that can be easily implemented. These applications facilitate compliance with new legislation by incorporating automated workflows into patient onboarding or scheduling processes.

Benefits of Implementing Price Transparency Solutions with Adonis

It's essential to understand the benefits healthcare providers can expect when implementing price transparency solutions with Adonis. These advantages not only help providers comply with the relevant regulations but also improve patient satisfaction and promote a more competitive healthcare market.

Informed Decision-Making for Patients

By providing patients with accurate and transparent pricing information, they can make better-informed decisions about their healthcare. Access to cost data empowers patients to choose more affordable treatment options or seek care from providers with more competitive pricing.

Avoiding Unexpected Medical Bills

Transparent pricing helps patients avoid the burden of unexpected medical bills. By offering GFEs and accurate cost information, healthcare providers minimize the chances of patients receiving large and confusing bills after receiving care.

Increased Competition Among Healthcare Providers

Transparency in healthcare pricing promotes competition among healthcare providers, which can ultimately lead to lower costs for patients. By disclosing pricing information and adhering to CMS regulations, healthcare providers contribute to a more competitive and patient-friendly market.

Enhanced Patient Trust and Loyalty

Implementing Adonis' price transparency solutions demonstrates a commitment to transparency, fostering trust between patients and healthcare providers. When patients feel well-informed and have confidence in their provider, they are more likely to remain loyal to that provider and recommend them to others.

Embracing a Transparent Future in Healthcare with Adonis

As the healthcare industry moves towards a more transparent and patient-centric approach, it is crucial for hospitals and healthcare providers to stay ahead of the curve. Adonis offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to help organizations navigate the complexities of price transparency regulations and improve the overall patient experience.

By partnering with Adonis, healthcare providers can not only ensure compliance with CMS mandates but also foster trust and loyalty among their patients. Through the use of advanced technology and innovative applications, Adonis enables providers to focus on delivering exceptional care while promoting transparency, competition, and fair pricing in the healthcare landscape.

Don't let regulatory challenges hold your organization back. Embrace the future of healthcare by harnessing the power of Adonis and its suite of solutions to drive price transparency adoption and ensure compliance at scale.

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