Platform overview

No matter where you are in your RCM journey, Adonis can help automate, recover, and collect the revenue you deserve.  Let’s address your revenue cycle issues and areas of susceptibility to create stronger, more reliable outcomes.

Female medical doctorUtilize the Adonis Revenue Cycle Management solution, incorporating revenue intelligence, to enhance revenue outcomes for maximum optimization.

Services We Provide

We’ll implement the right solutions to lower your administrative burden by unifying end-to end RCM operations into a single, powerful view to drive better revenue outcomes.

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Revenue Intelligence

Our Revenue Intelligence platform unifies RCM processes and KPIs into a single, easy-to-use view. It monitors changes in claims processing and reimbursement to identify opportunities for revenue improvement. We help you understand not only what is going wrong, but why and how you need to fix it.

Healthcare organizations struggle to organize and leverage the data they have to make revenue-related decisions. Adonis can act as the connective tissue between your practice management system, EHR, billing workspace, and patient portal to deliver real-time insights that impact revenue outcomes.

Revenue Cycle Automation

Our Revenue Cycle Automations offer the unique ability to address one or many areas of RCM susceptibility. Solutions to create or identify Patient Eligibility, Cost Estimates, Patient Card-on-file, Prior Authorization, Superbills, Underpayments, and Patient Statements can be automated to optimize revenue and compliance outcomes.

Adonis offers a suite of automations that can determine patient eligibility, generate cost and good faith estimates, capture prior authorization, mitigate underpayments, deliver patient statements and more.

End-to-End Billing

Our End-to-End Billing combines the best of both worlds: our technology with seasoned billing professionals who consistently drive financial performance improvements. Your practice will come to expect improvements across Net Collection Rates, Days in AR, Percentage of Denials, Total Revenue Collected, and more.

It’s not only expensive to collect revenue, it’s challenging to execute well no matter the scale or complexity. Adonis can maximize your operations by offering end-to-end billing solutions that meet your revenue needs.
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