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Dan Murdoch

September 21, 2023
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Vida Integrated Health Unify Medical Billing Operations with Adonis

[New York – September 21st, 2023] Adonis, a leading software and medical billing provider, today announces its partnership with Vida Integrated Health, one of the premier integrated practices in the greater Seattle area, offering a unique array of specialties ranging from chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, and functional medicine.

"After initiating our partnership with Vida Integrated Health, it became clear that Adonis was in a position to make a meaningful impact on their revenue related challenges.  Our commitment to specialty-specific solutions and services enabled us to earn the expansion of our relationship across all of their locations,” said Akash Magoon, CEO and Co-Founder, Adonis. “Vida is a shining example of practices that prioritize and recognize the need for a modernized approach in order to predictably grow.”

In collaboration with Adonis, Vida Integrated Health will continue to consolidate and streamline their billing operations to drive clinical effectiveness. This is accomplished by centralizing processes and data that’s associated with claims creation, denials management, payment posting, accounts receivable administration, and more. Ultimately, this will diminish administrative burden on key personnel, improve revenue related KPIs, and mitigate risk to achieving scale.

"As a pioneering integrated healthcare company, we're leveraging cutting-edge technology and AI to revolutionize our operations, elevating efficiency and transparency in medical billing and revenue cycle management,” explained Kris Sasaki, CEO & founder at Vida Integrated Health. “Our commitment to automating processes and optimizing workflows is delivering enhancements in financial performance, and allowing our team to change the healthcare experience by focusing on what is important: customer service and patient care."

Powered by data science and AI technology, Adonis is a software and services organization that addresses some of the most common issues and areas of susceptibility within medical billing operations to create better, more reliable revenue outcomes.

“Our land and expand strategy is the best of both worlds,” said Aman Magoon, CPO and Co-Founder, Adonis. “It’s the opportunity to prove our ability to make an immediate impact on behalf of a customer, whilst taking into account where they are in their revenue cycle innovation journey.  Adonis is committed to upholding a superior service delivery experience that drives confidence and meaningful return on investment so that our customers can focus on care, not collections.”

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About Vida Integrated Health

Vida Integrated Health is a premier provider of integrated health care with neighborhood clinics serving the greater Seattle area. The team is composed of functional medicine primary care physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, and massage therapists all working together. Vida's collaborative approach to wellness empowers patients on their journey to an active and healthy lifestyle. They strongly believe that working together is better for the patient.

About Adonis

Adonis is a Revenue Intelligence and Automation Platform, built for Healthcare, solving for operational challenges that impact the integrity of revenue cycle management. On average, Healthcare providers are unable to collect 15% or more of the revenue it's owed. This is a result of compounding fractures in traditional RCM; a series of people, processes, systems, and tools are collectively responsible for this dilemma. Powered by data science and automation, Adonis provides solutions to address the common issues and areas of susceptibility within RCM to create better, more reliable revenue outcomes. No matter where you are in your revenue cycle journey, we can help you take a step in the right direction to achieve your revenue potential. Learn more by scheduling a quick demo here.

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