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Caroline Boyland

June 12, 2024
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Adonis Billing: Our Newest Round of Innovation

Adonis Billing: Our Newest Round of Innovation

Billing teams face a myriad of challenges that decrease their agility, complicate their workflow, and decelerate their progress. Because of the complexity of their every day, many teams are considering implementing automation into their workflow, but finding a company that truly understands your challenges and has created technology to solve them is easier said than done.

That’s why Adonis Billing is built for billers, by billers. The platform is built by individuals who have faced the exact same roadblocks as you, and is specifically designed to enable billers to create, submit, and follow-up on claims with greater accuracy and speed than ever before. 

Curious how Adonis Billing solves some of your most significant challenges? Let’s dive in.

Challenge 1: Proactive denials management 

For billing teams, it’s a constant struggle to proactively prevent claim denials without the proper tools to anticipate them in the first place. Denials not only disrupt cash flow, but burden teams with time-consuming AR tasks. That’s where the Adonis Scrubber comes in.

Powered by Adonis Intelligence, our platform examines millions of claims across our entire customer base to identify payer reimbursement trends and rule changes, alerting billers on claims that are likely to be denied prior to submission. The Adonis Scrubber automatically detects billing errors from the get-go and presents them in scrubber recommendations. Additionally, billers can create custom rules to fine tune the billing process. Armed with Intelligence and smart recommendations, billing teams are able to achieve higher first-pass acceptance rates.

Challenge 2: AR task assignments 

Many billing teams rely on manual prioritization and massive spreadsheets to organize AR follow up tasks. Not only does this slow you down, but it results in you constantly playing catch-up. This ultimately leads to decreased efficiency and reduced collections. 

Adonis Smart Worklists help teams effectively prioritize and action AR workflows with the highest value opportunities. Driven by Adonis Intelligence, AR and denial tasks are automatically organized into smart to-do lists and assigned to your billing team. This eliminates the need for manual spreadsheets and task assignments, leading to higher biller productivity and ultimately accelerating cash flow.

Challenge 3: Disjointed automations 

In the past, companies have attempted to automate billing — technology limitations led to integrations falling short and ultimately, a cumbersome billing workflow. The Adonis billing platform changes this narrative and eliminates disruptions to your billing workflow by offering a fully-integrated and high-automated billing process. 

Built directly into your billing process and spanning from pre-claim eligibility checks to payment posting and patient collections, these automations put your billing on auto-pilot. They allow your team to focus only on the tasks that should truly require human intervention. 

How does it work?

We’ve built our solution to meet you where you are. Just starting out and need a billing team? Our on-shore, CPC-certified billers can help. Have an internal billing organization or wish to build one as you scale? Equip your existing team with our modern and highly-automated billing platform. With Adonis, you can choose the solutions that are right for your team to solve the specific challenges that you’re facing. 

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