Patient Verification: Prevent Denials & Validate Benefits In Real-time

Patient Verification: Prevent Denials & Validate Benefits In Real-time

A new year often represents a chance at new beginnings, resolutions, and goals. Optimism for ‘better’ is at an all-time-high, despite routinely dropping a resolution here and there in years past.  For all the pomp and circumstance and reasons to be merry, the turning of the new year can present some not-so inspiring challenges for healthcare organizations.  Commonly, administrators or provider operations are riddled with new patient benefits, changing plan structures and copays, and reset deductibles.

We’ve come to know these issues intimately after having studied and analyzed the operations and revenue cycles of numerous small practices, PE-backed roll-ups, digital health, and hospital partners. What consistently stood out to us was that a large portion of preventable denials existed across the front-end of the revenue cycle, namely in verifying the benefits of patients.

Drum roll please…that’s why we built Patient Verification automation within Adonis. Patient Verification makes it super simple for you to verify your patients’ benefits - and it supports all of the major insurers across all 50 states, both commercial insurance and Medicare/Medicaid.

Patient Verification is very flexible and can be used in a way that best suits your needs:

  • Accessing an easy-to-use web interface
  • Embedding the solution within your website or app via an API
  • Using the all-in-one Adonis patient intake experience

Below, you can learn about how the magic happens in each option:

Access a simple and intuitive tool for admin, scheduling, and billing teams to verify benefits in real-time. Adonis works with thousands of payers and does the heavy lifting behind the scenes to reduce confusion and to minimize denials related to patients being out of network. Adonis also integrates with dozens of EHR platforms (including AthenaHealth, ModMed, EClinicalWorks, DrChrono, Epic…) to minimize manual entry across systems.

Adonis Patient Verification

Superior technical experience is at Adonis’s core. Our world class team of engineers and product experts love to work alongside their technical peers within our clientele. Adonis Patient Verification is accessible via API, and can help make your patient onboarding experiences come to life - regardless of whether you are building a mobile app, a digital patient intake experience, or tracking deductibles for patients inside your homegrown health record.

Adonis Patient Verification

Adonis can power your patient intake experience from end to-end. We integrate with the scheduling module in your practice management system and validate the benefits of patients with upcoming appointments. For those patients that don’t have an active insurance card on file, we reach out to them via multichannel communication (including text and email) to collect and validate their insurance information prior to their visit.

Adonis Patient Verification

For existing Adonis users, you can get in touch with your Adonis product support manager to learn more about migrating benefits verification to Adonis.

If you are new to Adonis, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out or schedule time with us here.

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