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Dan Murdoch

June 1, 2023
Revenue Intelligence
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Adonis Integrates With Athena To Deliver The Best RCM Solutions

Adonis Integrates With Athena To Deliver The Best RCM Solutions

Adonis Revenue Intelligence now integrates with Athenahealth to deliver the best-in-class Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions. This integration combines the cutting-edge capabilities of Adonis's Revenue Intelligence with Athena's established healthcare platform, creating an unparalleled synergy that promises to revolutionize the healthcare billing landscape.

In the highly complex realm of medical billing, providers often find it challenging to maintain optimal collection rates or identify specific issues in their billing process. This challenge is compounded by antiquated billing platforms, convoluted reporting functionalities, and the growing sophistication of payer denials.

To tackle these issues, we've combined Adonis's powerful analytics capabilities with Athena's denial management system. This fusion enables us to accurately identify, analyze, and rectify billing discrepancies with unrivaled precision. Through denial alerts, custom rule creation, and the use of industry-standard denial codes, we empower providers with actionable insights, making the RCM process more efficient and less burdensome.

Unveiling the Power of Adonis Revenue Intelligence and Athena Health Integration

The landscape of healthcare billing is evolving rapidly and providers are often left navigating antiquated systems that lack the necessary insight to efficiently manage their billing process. As a result, many providers struggle to understand their collection rates or identify the specific pain points that are hindering their revenue cycle management. But the integration of Adonis Revenue Intelligence and Athena Health is about to change all that.

Filling the Gap with Advanced Data Science

The crux of the problem lies in the inability of current systems to accurately identify why billing issues occur, leaving providers in the dark about how to fix them. Athena, for instance, has a proprietary denial system that doesn't align with industry standards. This makes it challenging for providers to understand the reasons behind denied claims, and even more challenging to take corrective action.

This is where Adonis steps in. Leveraging advanced data science, we accurately identify and interpret denials, providing billers with actionable intelligence that helps them to efficiently resolve issues. This includes denial management alerts that don’t just communicate denial rates, but provide a comprehensive picture of what’s going wrong and how it can be fixed.

Actionable Insights through Standardization

A key difference between our approach and others in the market is the use of industry standard denial codes. While Athena uses proprietary denial codes and logic, we at Adonis believe in the power of standardization to provide accurate insights into what is happening with claims.

Our integration with Athena allows us to create custom rules for providers, effectively reducing the occurrence of future denials. This process not only eases the burden on the provider but also improves the overall health of their RCM.

Simplified and Insightful Reporting

A major issue with existing platforms is that they are often complex and convoluted. This complexity creates a barrier for the C-suite audience who are seeking simple and real-time insights into the state of their RCM.

The Adonis platform seeks to address this issue by offering a user-friendly interface that provides easy insight into the revenue cycle. We also offer executive-level KPIs spanning four primary segments: Payment, Accounts Receivable, Denial, and Payer Performance. These features, coupled with the ability to generate standard and custom reports, give providers a comprehensive overview of their billing process.

Reshaping the Future of Healthcare Billing

The integration of Adonis Revenue Intelligence and Athena Health represents a significant leap forward for medical billing. Providers no longer have to grapple with outdated systems or lack of actionable intelligence. Instead, they are equipped with a powerful tool that offers real-time insights, efficient problem resolution, and a smoother revenue cycle management process. With the combined power of Adonis and Athena, we’re reshaping the future of medical billing, one claim at a time.

Empowering Providers with Real-time Alerts

Billing teams often find themselves in a bind, discovering problems when it's too late to prevent a significant leakage on their revenues. This reactive approach to billing is a thing of the past with Adonis's real-time alert system, a key feature of our integration with Athena. These alerts identify deviations from the norm, providing billers with immediate insights on denials, accounts receivables, and claims left in a hold status.

Intelligent Underpayments Detection

One of the most common issues plaguing healthcare billing is underpayment by insurers. It's estimated that insurers underpay practices by an average of 7-11%, significantly affecting providers' bottom lines. Our integration introduces an innovative underpayment detection system that identifies instances where payers pay less than the contracted amount for a given service. By ingesting a provider’s contract data and comparing it against actual paid amounts, we can identify and flag discrepancies, ensuring that providers receive the full revenue they're entitled to.

Optimizing Billing with Scrubbing Edits

Another groundbreaking feature of the Adonis-Athena integration is the creation of scrubbing edits. This feature allows billers to create custom edits to avoid common billing errors. The Adonis platform works in tandem with providers to identify potential edits, and these edits are reviewed and confirmed before being implemented in Athena.

Driving Actionable Insights through Detailed Reports

Finally, to ensure providers have a comprehensive understanding of their billing processes, we offer a suite of standard and custom reports. These reports are easy to navigate, allowing users to sort, filter, and export data into different file formats for further analysis. With a detailed overview of claim, financial, and hold reports, providers can gain a deeper understanding of their revenue cycle management and take action where necessary.

Conclusion: Paving the Way for a Brighter Future in Healthcare Billing

The integration of Adonis Revenue Intelligence and Athenahealth marks a new era in healthcare billing. It's an era characterized by actionable insights, efficient denials prevention and resolution, and a more streamlined revenue cycle management process. By empowering providers with the tools they need to better manage their billing process, we are redefining the standards of medical billing and laying the groundwork for a more prosperous future for providers everywhere.

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