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Caroline Boyland

February 6, 2024
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Introducing Adonis Intelligence: Predictive Analytics and Actionable Alerting

Introducing Adonis Intelligence: Predictive Analytics and Actionable Alerting

When it comes to your Revenue Cycle, you have endless data at your fingertips. But sifting through disparate systems and datasets to consolidate, analyze, and actually use that data has never been quick or easy. Understanding patterns and identifying trends across your RCM data can guide you to take the right next steps to maximize your revenue. 

The Newest Development in AI and RCM

What if you had a single platform that not only consolidated data from your various systems and datasets, but displayed this data through real-time dashboards, intelligently identified patterns and trends, and proactively alerted you to potential pitfalls or areas of opportunity?

Today, we’re launching the newest development in the world of AI and RCM: Adonis Intelligence. Adonis Intelligence is a customizable solution for you to gain real-time dashboarding and reporting capabilities, with data-driven actionable insights to help you improve the health of your billing operations. Read on to learn how Adonis Intelligence’s actionable alerting, real-time dashboards, and custom reporting can significantly improve your financial and operational outcomes.

How Adonis Intelligence Works

With Adonis Intelligence, you’ll know when and how to act. Through customizable dashboards, you can quickly review denial rates, claim submissions, underpayments, and more. On top of this, Adonis Intelligence helps you identify the root cause of the problem.

Traditional systems may aggregate data into simple reports, but leave the heavy lifting of interpretation to you. Adonis Intelligence changes this narrative — the platform acts as an intelligent intermediary, bridging the gap between raw data and your team’s strategic actions. It offers unprecedented visibility into every facet of your revenue cycle, uncovering hidden insights that were previously inaccessible. 

There are a million things that can go wrong in healthcare billing, whether it’s caused by a payer changing their rules, or an internal process breaking down. Adonis Intelligence leverages clustering to identify the root cause issue. This eliminates guesswork and hundreds of hours of analysis, allowing you to stay on top of constant changes in your organization.

For example, if denials are up 79% week over week due to a certain payer now requiring a modifier code with a certain ICD and CPT code, Adonis Intelligence will let you know ASAP: 1) telling you what the issue is 2) why it’s happening, and 3) how you should take action.

Adonis Intelligence makes it easy to communicate data and trends to your team and strategic decision-makers. The tool also provides visibility into the changes your team implements to mitigate the insights discovered. Through our dashboards and custom reporting capabilities, Adonis Intelligence streamlines and articulates complex, disparate information in a clear and concise manner, making it easy to review and share the KPIs that matter most to your team.

Through AI and Machine Learning, Adonis Intelligence is Redefining RCM

In summary, lack of visibility into performance, disparate data sources, and manual operations slow down teams and impede the ability to efficiently identify and action issues in the revenue cycle. With Adonis Intelligence, teams can quickly access real-time trends, granular data insights, and user-friendly reports that enable quick decision-making.


I’m already using another tool in the Adonis suite, can I add this on?

Yes, our offerings are designed to be modular, yet complete. The Adonis Intelligence platform serves as a unifying layer across all of our offerings, aggregating insights gleaned across the entire Adonis client base. This empowers each client with deeper insights and recommendations regarding payer requirements and other nuances to improve billing processes and revenue outcomes.

How does Adonis Intelligence work with my existing business intelligence / analytics tool?

The Adonis Intelligence platform enhances the insights that you are already receiving from your BI/analytics tools by proactively identifying problem areas. For instance, our alerting capabilities allow you to catch denials and uncover the root cause more efficiently than if you were relying on stale dashboards and reports to surface trends. Further, our platform is able to uncover the most granular trends, whereas other tools are unable to do so or require a data analyst to manually sift through reports to identify such trends.

How is this different from the reporting that my EHR/PMS provides?

The analytics and reporting capabilities offered by your EHR and PMS provide a siloed view of what’s going on, while our platform unifies the data from your disparate systems to create a single, complete view of your revenue cycle. This integration further enables our platform to swiftly identify issues, and even predict potential issues via our predictive analytics engine, further eliminating the need to manually sift through disparate systems of record to pinpoint issues.

What systems do you integrate with?

We integrate with Athenahealth, DrChrono, ChangeHealthcare, Office Ally, eClinicalWorks, eyeMD, to name a few. We continue to add more integrations.

Who is the software for?

The versatility of our platform caters to users at every organizational level, ranging from billers and RCM Managers to C-Suite executives. Our executive dashboards provide high-level insights, facilitating swift decision-making for strategic stakeholders. Simultaneously, our platform allows for detailed analysis at the claim level, offering valuable insights to RCM Managers and billers.

What can I track in the platform?

Our platform allows you to track the most important KPIs to manage a successful revenue cycle, such as Collections, Denials, Days in Accounts Receivable, Remittances, and Productivity. You can filter these dashboards by payer, facility, provider, business unit, date and more. Further, our team can help you build custom reports that track additional KPIs that are valuable to your organization.

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