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Dan Murdoch

November 10, 2023
Prior Authorization
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Prior Authorization Challenges Facing Radiology

Prior Authorization Challenges Facing Radiology

Prior authorization is the process by which insurance companies review and approve specific medical procedures or treatments before they are performed. This is done to ensure that the procedure is medically necessary and cost-effective.

However, as insurance companies steadily increase the number of procedures requiring prior authorization, radiology practices struggle to deal with the administrative burden.

In this post, we'll discuss the key challenges that radiology practices face regarding prior authorization and how Adonis's prior authorization tool can help solve these problems.

The Growing Burden of Prior Authorization

Over the years, prior authorization has become increasingly burdensome for radiology practices. According to a survey by the American Medical Association (AMA), 84% of physicians reported that prior authorization had a significant negative impact on their practice and a rise in cost and time spent on administrative tasks.

This is due to the complex and time-consuming nature of prior authorization, with physicians having to navigate through multiple steps and requirements set by different insurance companies.

Delayed Patient Care

One of the most significant challenges radiology practices face with prior authorization is its impact on patient care. The lengthy process can delay or deny necessary medical procedures, resulting in patients not receiving timely treatment.

The same AMA survey showed that 33% of physicians reported that prior authorization has led to severe adverse events for their patients, with 25% reporting that patients had been hospitalized due to prior authorization delays.

Administrative Burden and Costs

Prior authorization also adds a significant administrative burden to radiology practices, with physicians spending valuable time and resources on paperwork instead of patient care.

The AMA estimates that 14 hours of radiologist time per week is spent on the prior authorization process, leading to an average annual cost of $83,000 per practice. This affects the practice's efficiency and revenue cycle management and increases healthcare's overall cost.

Inadequate Communication and Education

Another challenge radiology practices face is inadequate communication and education from insurance companies regarding prior authorization requirements. This often leads to rejected claims or delays in approval due to missing information or incorrect documentation.

As a result, physicians must spend more time resubmitting requests or appealing denied claims, further adding to the administrative burden.

Inconsistent and Complex Requirements

One of radiology practices' most frustrating challenges is the inconsistent and complex requirements set by different insurance companies for prior authorization. This makes it challenging to navigate through the process and increases the risk of denials and delays in patient care.

With each insurance company having its own pre-authorization rules and guidelines, it becomes difficult for physicians to keep track and comply with all the requirements.

How Adonis's Prior Authorization Tool Can Help

Adonis's prior authorization tool is designed to streamline and simplify the last authorization process for radiology practices. Our technology automates the entire process, from initial submission to final approval, significantly reducing the administrative burden on physicians.

With Adonis, physicians can easily access and submit prior authorization requests for all insurance companies in one centralized platform. This eliminates the need to navigate multiple portals and ensures compliance with each company's requirements.

Adonis's software is continuously updated with the latest guidelines from insurance companies, ensuring that physicians have access to accurate information and documentation. This reduces the risk of denials and delays.

Revenue cycle automation also helps practices save time and resources, allowing them to focus on patient care instead of paperwork. Our platform offers real-time communication with insurance companies, allowing for quick resolution of any issues or discrepancies. This ensures physicians and patients a smoother and more efficient prior authorization process.

To learn more about how Adonis's prior authorization tool can help your radiology practice, contact us today or request a demo

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