Net Collections

Improving Net Collection Rates & Reducing Cost To Collect




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Stephanie Feals

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Akash and Aman Magoon


Akash Magoon & Aman Magoon sat down with Stehanie Feals from Speaking Of Show & Making Healthcare Work for You to discuss their mission to improve healthcare net collection rates and reduce the cost of collecting. They say 1 in 7 of the $4.3-trillion spent on healthcare is related to the cost of collecting revenue from patients and payers.What’s more - they say that due to rejection and denials, healthcare organizations leak 10%+ of revenue. Adonis sits on top of clients’ existing tech, and uses AI/machine learning to make denials less and less likely, which in turn reduces admin burden, and frees up time and money to focus on patients. Watch the full video to learn how Adonis will be using their recently-announced Series A funding.

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