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Revenue in Healthcare Innovation Series: Metropolis Dermatology




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Dan Murdoch

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Dr. James Wang


In this episode of the Revenue Innovation Series, we are pleased to welcome Dr. James Wang, Founder and CEO of Metropolis Dermatology. Metropolis is a four location clinic that operates throughout the Los Angeles area offering comprehensive dermatology services via the newest and most effective technologies, advanced medical expertise, and a premium service experience.

The Shift from Billing to Revenue Cycle Management

The terminologies of 'billing' and 'revenue cycle management' are frequently bandied about in the healthcare industry. But upon deeper introspection, one discerns stark differences between the two. While billing traditionally presents a static snapshot of financial transactions, revenue cycle management delves deeper, presenting a panoramic view of the financial trajectory of a healthcare establishment. By collaborating with stalwarts like Adonis, Metropolis Dermatology was able to transcend the confines of mere transactional billing. 

Patient Experience is 360-Degree

Merely focusing on the clinical dimensions doesn't do justice to the multi-faceted realm of patient care. Dr. Wang is a staunch advocate for the ethos of relentless betterment. By directing attention to the complete spectrum of a patient's journey — right from their preliminary online inquiries to the crucial post-treatment touchpoints — healthcare providers can genuinely earn and nurture trust. Moreover, it's crucial to view feedback — be it from patients or the diligent frontline staff — as valuable goldmines for refinement rather than as rebukes. 

By consistently elevating the quality and breadth of patient experiences, healthcare entities can pave the way for lasting growth and deep-rooted patient allegiance.

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