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Revenue in Healthcare Innovation Series: Rippl Care




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Dan Murdoch

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Kris Engskov


In this episode of the Revenue Innovation Series, we are pleased to welcome Kris Engskov, co-founder and CEO of Rippl, a new kind of mental health company focused on seniors with mental health challenges, especially neurocognitive conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, who are overlooked and under cared for, often without access to high quality, real-time, practical care. Rippl is creating a path to address the urgent and escalating needs of these senior citizens. In an enlightening conversation, Kris sheds light on Rippl's innovative approach, combining a value-based care model with technology and top-notch clinicians.

Collaborating with Adonis for Revenue Cycle Management

When it comes to the complex and demanding aspects of billing and collections, Rippl chose to partner with Adonis. This strategic partnership allows Rippl to concentrate on innovating its care model and recruiting the best clinicians.

Adonis’s technology offers automation and streamlines the revenue cycle management, ensuring that Rippl can focus on what it excels at without worrying about billing strategies or ensuring payments are received on time.

Rippl's Vision and Mission

For Kris, Rippl's ultimate dream is to build a national network of highly trained, passionate, and integrity-driven clinicians who understand dementia patients better than anyone else.

Rippl aims to bring light to families and dementia patients by promoting home-based care, allowing patients to lead fulfilling lives for as long as possible.

Kris also spoke passionately about battling the stigma associated with dementia, especially among seniors. By making dementia care accessible and improving public perception, Rippl hopes to create an environment where seeking help for cognitive issues is not only available but also socially acceptable.

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