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Caroline Boyland

April 12, 2024
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DSOs: Revolutionize Your Revenue Cycle with Intelligence

DSOs: Revolutionize Your Revenue Cycle with Intelligence

Intelligence for DSOs

Regardless of industry or specialty, revenue cycle teams face a myriad of challenges every day that make it near impossible to collect the revenue they are owed. Different specialties, however, may have nuanced challenges that increase the pressure on RCM teams.  Dental Service Organizations (DSOs), for example, face a suite of unique revenue roadblocks that compound the everyday challenges of RCM. 

Staying on top of denials, streamlining eligibility, and overseeing disparate data and AR workflows across many studios makes managing revenue cycle a daily uphill battle.  

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the unique challenges faced by revenue cycle teams at DSOs, and how an AI-driven intelligence platform can help.

DSO Specific Challenges 

Challenge 1: Denial & AR Management

Get ahead of denials before they have a chance to develop into a larger problem. If claims are getting denied due to a lack of detail, coding error, or a change in payer rule, you may not notice until it is too late. By the time the team catches the denial, you may have already submitted 50 more claims with the same error. Sound familiar?

Adonis Intelligence uses intelligent alerting and monitoring to notify your team of pressing denials and trends. On top of that, Intelligence uses machine learning to identify the root-cause issue behind the denial, and flags any other claims that might be impacted by that same issue. This helps your team stay on top of denials and prevents further denials before they occur.

Challenge 2: Eligibility & Benefits Verification

Claims getting denied due to a lack of eligibility verification is all too common in the DSO space. Whether staff is misinformed about when to verify eligibility, claims are getting denied due to changes in insurance or payer rules, or payers are slow to provide the information you need, eligibility can result in a massive headache for you and your team.

Verifying patient eligibility is a critical first step to ensuring accurate and timely revenue outcomes and avoiding denials. Adonis' Eligibility & Benefits Verification can verify the patient's insurance coverage, identify any co-payments or deductibles, and ensure that the services being provided are covered under the patient's plan. Adonis supports eligibility for over 3,000 insurance payers, and is constantly adding to that list.

Adonis’ Eligibility Verification platform ensures that patients are eligible for services before they receive them, through an automated, tech-first approach. The platform confirms patient coverage and surfaces detailed benefit information in real-time, with industry-leading accuracy. This enables your team to streamline eligibility and create a treatment plan that works for you and your patients.

Challenge 3: Centralize Data & AR Workflows

Most DSOs that we partner with and speak to have anywhere from 20-100 locations nationwide. This results in disparate data, de-centralized AR workflows, and a lack of insight into the KPIs that matter most to your team. When all of your locations are on different systems and don't have a data aggregation and reporting tool, your teams rely on manual spreadsheets, reporting, and old-school communication. This decreases efficiency and opens up the possibility of manual errors.

Adonis Intelligence can help your team centralize this data. Through consolidated dashboards and real-time reporting, you can gain visibility into the performance of your revenue cycle across each of your practice groups. With Adonis Intelligence, you can drill down into different practices and understand how different teams and locations are performing against company-wide KPIs, all through one streamlined dashboard. Say goodbye to manual spreadsheets and gain a centralized view into AR reporting and denial management.

Challenge 4: Claim Statusing & Prioritization

Statusing and prioritizing claims can be time consuming and tedious. Your revenue cycle specialists can spend hours looking into the status of claims and uncovering what next steps are needed. 

Adonis Intelligence statuses claims and categorizes them into Smart Worklists based on the action required. For example, if the claim requires x-rays or anesthesia hours, it will be sorted into unique Worklists that identify the claim status and necessary next steps, and are then assigned to the appropriate members of your team. This improves prioritization and increases overall team efficiency.

Adonis Intelligence for DSOs

With Adonis Intelligence, your team can streamline the costly and time consuming challenges they face every day. Stay on top of denials, streamline eligibility checks to create cost-effective treatment plans, centralize data and reporting at both a studio and organization level, and increase your team’s efficiency and prioritization with claim statusing and Smart Worklists.

See what Adonis Intelligence can do for your DSO.

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