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March 4, 2024
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Turn Process Improvements into Revenue: Identify Opportunities with Adonis Intelligence

Turn Process Improvements into Revenue: Identify Opportunities with Adonis Intelligence

Small Improvements for Major Revenue Outcomes

When it comes to your revenue cycle, small process improvements can quickly make a big impact on revenue. The problem is, identifying and addressing roadblocks in your revenue cycle can be tedious and time consuming. That’s why teams are turning to Adonis Intelligence, an AI-driven RCM platform that can streamline the process of identifying and addressing the issues that can slow your team down and impact collections.

Let Adonis Intelligence Identify Areas for Improvement

RCM teams are using Adonis Intelligence to overcome roadblocks and streamline processes across different parts of the revenue cycle. At its core, Adonis Intelligence is an RCM platform that helps you identify problems in your revenue cycle and makes recommendations on the best next-steps to address them. 

The platform can play a key role in streamlining practices across a range of use-cases. For example, when it comes to claim submission, prior authorization, and eligibility, Adonis Intelligence can flag an increase in denials relative to these scenarios and will provide you with practical steps to address these denials and prevent future denials. Additionally, Adonis Intelligence can offer insights into denials related to services not covered, which RCM leaders can leverage in upcoming payer contract negotiations.

Let’s look at potential scenarios in more detail:

Claim Errors: Adonis Intelligence will monitor claim submissions and denials, constantly analyzing for trends that may reflect error patterns. So for example, if the platform recognizes an increase in denials related to a specific billing code, you will be alerted to the trend and provided options with how you can proceed. These could include:

1. Creating claims scrubbing rules within your existing billing system to flag these errors prior to claims submission going forward.

2. Training staff members on any updates to coding and payer guidelines (that Adonis Intelligence Alerts was able to flag) to look out for when creating and submitting claims.

Prior Authorization & Eligibility: If Intelligence is catching a large number of claim denials associated with lack of prior authorization for certain procedures with specific payers, your team can look into adopting an prior authorization automation solution to mitigate these going forward. Similarly, if Intelligence is flagging a significant number of claim denials associated with patient eligibility, your team can look into adopting a real-time eligibility verification solution, such as an eligibility API.

Payer Contract Negotiations: If Intelligence flags that a client is experiencing a significant amount of denials for a certain procedure due to the service “not being contracted”, the platform may recommend that your team raise this during payer contract negotiations so that you can get the service covered going forward.

As you can see, there are endless opportunities for Adonis Intelligence to flag issues for your team to mitigate and prevent denials. These opportunities, even the ones that make the smallest improvements, can lead to increased collections and overall improved revenue outcomes for your organization. To learn more about Adonis Intelligence, watch our product video here.

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