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Caroline Boyland

June 1, 2024
Smart Worklists
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Smart Worklists: Maximize the ROI of Your Day

Smart Worklists: Maximize the ROI of Your Day

Smart Worklists: Changing the Way Billing Teams Operate

When considering ROI, we’re often evaluating the advantages gained from a potential new purchase — but rarely do we consider the ROI of our daily tasks. For billing teams, the impact of day-to-day tasks can vary greatly depending on their value. So the question becomes, as a member of a billing team, how can you ensure you’re maximizing your ROI every day? The answer lies in Smart Worklists.

Smart Worklists enable teams to prioritize accounts receivable (AR) workflows by focusing on the highest value opportunities based on age, dollar amount, and likelihood of resolution. This feature ensures that billing teams are working on the most important tasks, ultimately maximizing the ROI of their day, every day.

Let’s dive deeper into the benefits of Smart Worklists.

Smart Prioritization

When it comes to claim and AR follow-ups, tasks are often prioritized based on simple criteria — such as the age or dollar value of the claim. The expected value-add of each task is typically not considered, which results in misallocation of resources.

Adonis Intelligence’s Smart Worklist capability uses machine learning to automatically prioritize tasks based on expected payment and timely filing. This ensures that your team is focused on tasks with the greatest financial impact and a high likelihood of resolution. Promptly addressing high-impact claims increases the chances of payment, leading to improved cash flow.

Automatic and Bulk Assignments

Because most existing billing systems lack robust assignment capabilities, billing managers are often left to rely on spreadsheets to keep track of encounters and assign claim follow-up tasks. These spreadsheets are cumbersome and difficult to manage.With Smart Worklists, tasks are organized into worklists and can be automatically or bulk-assigned to team members. This eliminates the need for Billing Managers to build and maintain spreadsheets for AR management.

Ongoing Tracking in a Centralized Location

Information regarding claim status and AR workflows is often scattered across a range of different platforms. Because of this, teams are required to log into multiple payer portals to get the information they need. This can be both labor-intensive and time-consuming, reducing overall productivity. Additionally, the need to manually check for updates can result in delays, potentially leading to missed timely filings and lost revenue.

Smart Worklists creates a centralized system that consolidates information and tasks in one place, reducing the time spent searching for and reconciling data across multiple platforms. Real-time claim status tracking enhances transparency across the team, providing a complete audit log of the time and actions taken for a claim to be resolved.

Alerts to Early Action

The sooner you can identify and address an AR issue, the sooner your team can act on it and recover the associated revenue. Most teams do not have access to a tool that allows their team to quickly prioritize and take action on issues that result in delays to resolution.

Adonis’ alerting capabilities identify unique projects of work, which can be automatically or manually assigned to team members using the Smart Worklist tool. This helps drive prompt action on denial and A/R issues flagged by alerts, directing team’s attention to issues that may otherwise go unnoticed until it’s too late. 

In Summary

In conclusion, Smart Worklists are revolutionizing the way billing teams operate by transforming the approach to AR workflows and task prioritization. By leveraging machine learning for smart prioritization, automating task assignments, centralizing tracking, and enabling early alerts for proactive actions, Smart Worklists ensure that billing teams focus on the most impactful tasks each day. This leads to improved productivity and cash flow, as well as maximized ROI on daily operations.

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