Results We Drive

Adonis fosters unparalleled financial and operational outcomes that improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase revenue. Our partnerships are forged in the commitment to long-term financial success and driving significant ROI for our customers in various capacities.

ROI is in Our DNA

Surface actionable insights and maximize revenue outcomes by leveraging a platform that can harmonize your practice management, billing workspace, and EHR data.

Topline Revenue

By leveraging intelligence, automation, and deep insights. We help your organization increase top-line revenue and drive financial performance improvements.

Net Collection Rate

Adonis will help ensure your practice is not leaving revenue on the table by maximizing collections from payers and patients.

Cost to Collect

By optimizing the most susceptible areas within your revenue cycle, Adonis will reduce your cost-to-collect and help you achieve long-term financial and operational success.

Reduction in Denials

Adonis helps your organization reduce downstream denials and realize revenue sooner through deep insights, automations and revenue cycle expertise.

Time to Bill

We help your organization reduce the time taken to submit claims after a service is provided and improve overall cash flow.

First Pass
Acceptance Rate

By leveraging deep insights and expertise to ensure accuracy in initial claim submissions, Adonis will lead your organization to higher first pass acceptance rates and improved cash flow.

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