Collect More Revenue. Deliver Better Care.

Practice Management Services handle the administrative and operational aspects of healthcare practices to improve efficiency and patient experience.

Female medical doctorCollect More Revenue. Deliver Better Care.

Solutions We Provide

We help your clients increase top-line revenue by leveraging machine learning and automation to deliver exponentially increasing efficiency gains over time, so you can continue fostering better client experiences.

Adonis Intelligence

The Adonis Intelligence platform unifies RCM processes and KPIs into a single, easy-to-use view. It monitors changes in claims processing and reimbursement to identify opportunities for revenue improvement for your clients. We help you understand not only what is going wrong, but why and how you need to fix it.

Healthcare organizations struggle to organize and leverage the data they have to make revenue-related decisions. Adonis can act as the connective tissue between your practice management system, EHR, billing workspace, and patient portal to deliver real-time insights that impact revenue outcomes.

Revenue Cycle Automation

Our Revenue Cycle Automations offer the unique ability to address one or many areas of RCM susceptibility. Solutions to create or identify Patient Eligibility, Cost Estimates, Patient Card-on-file, Prior Authorization, Superbills, Underpayments, and Patient Statements can be automated to optimize revenue and compliance outcomes for your clients.

Why Adonis

Adonis aims to simplify the operational challenges providers face when collecting payments from payers and patients. We do so by offering informative analytics, process automations, and access to revenue improvement opportunities.

Adonis revenue cycle automation leverages revenue intelligence to optimize revenue outcomes effectively.

ROI is in Our DNA

Our mission is to help you increase revenue and decrease cost.  Drastically improve upon the critical metrics associated with billing and collections performance and health.

Adonis revenue cycle automation leverages revenue intelligence to optimize revenue outcomes effectively.

Discover Revenue Opportunities

Surface actionable insights and maximize revenue outcomes by leveraging a platform that can harmonize practice management, billing system, and EHR data.

Adonis revenue cycle automation leverages revenue intelligence to optimize revenue outcomes effectively.

Turning Insights into Actions

Beyond simply presenting data, our platform offers actionable recommendations that enable your team to take immediate actions to improve your financial health and expand patient access.

Results we drive

We prioritize your privacy and security, taking necessary measures to safeguard your personal and financial information.


Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. Please review our Privacy Policy to understand how we collect, use, and protect your personal information.


Security Measures

Your personal and financial information is highly valued and protected through encryption, secure storage, and strict access controls.


Your Responsibilities

We prioritize the security of your data, but also recommend taking precautionary measures such 
as avoiding unnecessary sharing 
of personal information.

Adonis was a great thing for us. We're Healthcare entrepreneurs and yes of course that has to involve billing and coding which you can't discuss without mentioning the word complexity because this is a very complex space and one thing we decided early on was we needed a strategic and tactical partner in this space. We chose Adonis for lots of reasons, but what Adonis mostly allows us to do is to go out and focus at what we're best at, which is really innovating our care model recruiting clinicians and figuring out this value-based thread the needle challenge we've got. I think the technology is unique and is allowing us to automate all that we don't know.
Kris Engsov Co-Founder and CEO
Kris Engsov Co-Founder and CEO
Rippl Care
Moreover, they demonstrated a significant level of speciality-specific expertise that was forged by their experience with other large dermatology groups. We’re thrilled to be partnered with Adonis who, unlike other solution providers, is willing to meet us where we are on our RCM journey and scale to a holistic platform approach over time.
Gurpal Singh, CEO
Gurpal Singh, CEO
U.S. Dermatology
I think there are a lot of immense opportunities on the clinical operation side and the restrictive operation side where we can bring these things. It's probably a combination of AI and automation, often called Intelligent Automation, that will bring the change.
Tony Ambrozie, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital and Information Officer at Baptist Health South Florida
Tony Ambrozie, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital and Information Officer at Baptist Health South Florida
Baptist South Florida
We need to be able to recognize and respond quickly and appropriately to the issues surrounding each mechanism of the denials by the insurers and the only way to accomplish this timely is in conjunction with a smart, automated platform. We are excited to work with Adonis who is tailoring a platform to our specialty specific needs.
Amy Katnik, Chief Operating Officer
Amy Katnik, Chief Operating Officer
Apollo MD
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