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Adonis is a group of software engineers, data scientists, machine learning enthusiasts, and healthcare experts that is bent on partnering with every healthcare organization across the care continuum to drive intelligence and better decisions.

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Solving Healthcare Data Challenges
is in Our DNA

Adonis is founded by two brothers, Akash and Aman Magoon, who have spent their careers around healthcare, data, and fintech. When running their previous company and in their experiences working with insurers and healthcare organizations throughout the country, they saw firsthand how connected data has advanced a few care domains - like drug discovery - but has failed to make its way to others.One of those areas is healthcare billing and claims. When Akash separated his shoulder, he witnessed the challenges that his orthopedists went through to connect data from various clinic systems, organize billing codes, send insurance data to imaging centers, and fight claims denials - which ended up being over a six month process. The brothers immediately knew that this was a data challenge at its core. That is when Adonis was born.

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